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Tess Kenning

Director, London

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It’s officially the festive season! This week we take a look at the John Lewis Christmas ad, Amazon’s (real) bookshop, packaging for the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit and sculpture made from scrap food.


The festive season officially kicked off on Friday with the release of the famed John Lewis Christmas advert. This year, the brand’s heart-warming story about thoughtful giving is taken into outer space. And that’s not all, ‘Man on the Moon’ also hopes to help create awareness for those living alone this festive season and in doing so, raise money for Age UK.

Amazon recently opened a physical bookstore in Seattle’s University Village – now, surely this is a strange move for the online brand, especially when we consider the tide of retailers moving their presence online? Well, the store is not any old ordinary bookshop; designed to be a “physical extension of”, it integrates offline and online shopping benefits through interactive features and uses online customer ratings to select which books are displayed.

Amazon’s (real) bookstore – a portal into the online world.


Seedlip, the world’s first distilled, non-alcoholic spirit, aims to challenge the way we think about the adult soft drink world. The craft-inspired and sophisticated brand identity, created by Pearlfisher, cleverly brings the brand to life through an artful arrangement of the product’s botanicals – illustrating taste, provenance and personality.

We’ll happily be designated driver to drink this!

If you’ve dropped into Whole Foods recently, TÅPPED Birch Water is sure to have caught your eye, just like it caught ours. ‘Tree water’ is a completey new concept to most, so design studio Horse devised the pack to resemble the Birch tree – not only does this create a unique and attention-grabbing identity, it also leaves no doubt as to the product’s roots.

Beautiful packaging that won’t have us stumped!



Hate throwing away food? So does artist and photographer Dan Cretu. Instead of sending his scraps to the garbage, Dan turns them into intricately detailed sculptures. Now, to some they may still just look like scraps of orange peel or stale bread, but they are an excellent exercise in seeing things differently.

Sculptural scraps


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