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Tess Kenning

Director, London

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Personalised Oreos, the rise of vegan foods, packaging that provides an ego boost and music composed from brain waves – it’s the news!


Personalisation is still a hot topic in FMCG. And so far nothing has given consumers’ as much freedom to customise packaging quite like OREO Wonderfilled. This festive season, OREO are engaging cookie lovers by allowing them to create their own design online – exclusive artwork from Jeremyville and Timothy Goodman can be coloured in, stretched and annotated to create truly unique and personal designs.

Customisable cookies


With the recent news that former McDonald’s CEO, Don Thompson, has joined vegan start-up Beyond Meat – not to mention food giant General Mills pledging to invest in the natural meat alternative – the question we’re asking is whether ‘vegan’ is about to go mainstream? While it may not be there yet, there are certainly a few brands to watch out for, such as dairy-free ice cream alternative Booja Booja and Rebel Kitchen – a line of flavoured coconut milks.

beyond meat
Veagn goodies to watch out for!


Aussie brand Babe Scrub are on a mission to delight with their simple, straight-talking range of organic charcoal hand soaps. The minimalist design not only aims to highlight the natural, no-added nature of the ingredients, but also bring a smile to your face when reading the charming quote on each bottle. Clean hands and an ego boost all in one!

babe scrub
Suds to make you smile!

Cato Brand Partners are the agency behind this sophisticated and revolutionary redesign of Huffmans Hot Sauce that oozes premium quality. The updated packaging goes against category norms by adopting a striking shape and moving the label to the neck of the bottle – an unusual design for sure, but one we think successfully champions the quality of the spicy sauce itself.

hot sauce
A seriously hot redesign!



Lithuanian sound artist Aiste Noreikaite has found a way to turn thoughts into electronic music. It may look  like an ordinary motorcycle helmet from the outside, but once on ‘Experience Helmet’ converts the activity of neurons in the brain into music using an EEG device. The more active the thinking, the faster the beat!

Thoughtful music


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