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This week, Coke slims down in a bid to help fight the battle of the bulge, whilst online retailer Amazon keeps us fed. All in this week’s News Bulletin


by sainsburys
Household merchandise by Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s are to introduce their ‘by Sainsury’s’ brand across general merchandise lines next month. The retailer – who hope to ‘extend customer loyalty further across the business’ – compete with the likes of Tesco in the non-food category, who already have a broad and well-established range. Only time will tell if Sainbury’s’ ‘fruit-less’ offering will prove fruitful for the supermarket retailer.


Bridging the Gap between consumers and brands – the power of social media

Consumers are increasingly engaging with brands through social media platforms, and thus getting their (metaphorical) voices heard. What does this mean for commercial creativity? According to this opinion piece, ‘brands now have to listen, because they have to ask’. Well, if the death of that Gap logo is anything to go by, there are certainly some merits to trial by online jury.


Unilever Royal Baby
The aisles are alive with the sound of royalty

There’s no escaping the furore surrounding the imminent arrival of Baby Royal. Even when you’re doing your weekly food shop. Last year our aisles were adorned with Jubilee-mania inspired packs – this year the royal celebrations continue, as the world awaits Britain’s new heir to the throne. Commemorative packs for Comfort and Persil NonBio – Unilever’s ‘iconic British mother and baby brands’ – are ready to be launched the day after the baby is born. The designs incorporate gold foiling, font and caps to dial up their premium-feel  – fit for a prince (or princess!).


Blurring the lines of reality
Blurring the lines of reality

Disney Research is behind the next phase of augmented reality; Aireal technology, which allows users to physically feel virtual 3D objects. It’s proposed that the technology will be used for gaming, mobile apps and other user experiences – potentially creating a simulated world that feels so real, it’s virtually reality.


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