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This week’s news talks about shopping for the mind, Graze’s new e-commerce site, personalised rum and The British Museum’s digital exhibition ‘Museum of the world’.


The ‘Department store for the mind’ may be just the antidote for mindless Christmas gift-giving. Developed by the team behind The School of Life, the online store allows shoppers to browse based on their personal state of mind and only stocks products designed for emotional and mental wellbeing. Goodbye novelty socks, hello crockery designed to inspire more honest conversations.

dep for mind
Gifts that touch heart and mind!


Back in August subscription-based snack brand Graze rolled out its range in UK supermarkets so non-members could get a taste. Fast forward three months and the brand is continuing to open itself up to the masses with the launch of a new online shop, where consumers can order unlimited quantities of their favourite snacks. Beyond an attempt to grow the brands e-commerce offering, we think this move also reflects the growing popularity of snacking – a topic we’ve written a thinkpiece on, get in touch if you want to hear more!

Snacks for the masses


The same Scottish duo that brought us Whisky Blender – the world’s first virtual blending lab, enabling scotch-lovers to create a unique product – continue to celebrate personalisation with Rum Blender. To mark the launch, the team tasked Front Page to design a set of limited edition packaging. The outcome is a collection of beautifully etched designs, depicting scenes from The West Indies to Scotland, that really bring the journey of each rum to life.

A truly unique blend!



Now here’s an example of packaging that truly shines the spotlight on the product itself, and we think it makes quite a statement in doing so. Soylent – a nutritious and sustainable meal replacement drink – partnered with OkFocus to create this extremely minimal design, so pared back in fact that this striking pack does not feature any nutritional information, only the name and calories are in sight.

Striking simplicity



Thanks to the Google Cultural Institute, museum-lovers worldwide will now be able to get their cultural fill from the comfort of the sofa. The British Museum’s new digital exhibition ‘The Museum of the World’ lets people explore objects from the institution’s vast collection in an interactive timeline. And that’s not it, users will be able to virtually walk the galleries using indoor Google Street View.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 09.25.20
Computerised culture


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