News bulletin 16.09.11


This week it’s all about the sweet stuff…malted drinks, chocolate Twirls, scones and French pastries. Oo la la, we must be hungry!

Not one to blow our own trumpet (often) at TBP towers, we recently teamed up with those nice folk at Bloom Design to work on that hot, malted marvel, Horlicks, on this pack redesign. The aim of the design was to shed the drink of its traditional bedtime cues, and encourage more of you to enjoy it throughout the day – hence the hint of sun coming out from behind the clouds. In addition, the prominent image of barley dials up the drinks wholesome, nutritional values…so much so, we’re choosing to forgo our Friday post-work pint for a mug of the good stuff.

Tata Global Beverages, owners of those Tetley Tea Folk, are expanding their range to offer a sweet accompaniment to your brew; a range of fruit scones. Launching in Asda next week, the coming months will also see the release of a plethora of biscuits and baked goods, all designed to “enhance the moment” and leverage the strength of the brand name.

Canadian graphic design, Maxime Brunelle, styles up the logotype and packaging of 100% Rond, a shop selling French macaroons. Using that timeless colour duo (good old black and white), Brunelle effectively places the emphasis onto the product itself. A simple yet stunning way to encourage excess calorie intake.

And finally…can you believe, it’s been 15 years since Cadbury promoted their Twirl bar. But now, to celebrate the release of their new ‘Twirl Bites’ they’ve teamed up with Fallon to release a short, snappy ad, guaranteed to put your head in a spin…