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This week we look at that ad from Marmite, the test tube burger, and where 3D printing is taking us next…


Animal welfare is a controversial topic to parody at the best of times, so it’s no surprise the premiere of Marmite’s new ad mid-way through Monday’s Coronation Street raised more than one pair of eyebrows. With 250 complaints to the Advertising Standards Agency within the first 24 hours, their famous “love it or hate it, just don’t forget it” tagline became more relevant than ever. Unilever has since donated £18,000 to the RSPCA in an attempt to appease ‘the Haters’. We think it’s mitey good marketing, but check out the ad here and tell us what you think.

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Swedish frozen yoghurt brand Yollibox have just launched this delicious design by Erenstrahle & Wagnert in Sweden. The fun, bright graphics printed on an unusual pack structure perfectly reflect the soul of their all-natural frozen yoghurt. We especially love the unmistakeable and striking variant architecture.

Their website is pretty lovely too…

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This week saw the first taste of the ‘test tube burger’. This article features a fascinating video of Sergey Brin, who co-founded Google, explaining why he funded the project. The thought of throwing a petri dish patty on the barbecue might make your skin crawl now, but when you look at the whole story, it is hard to imagine a more sustainable future for meat eaters.


We often talk about where 3D printing is taking us next, with new applications emerging on a daily basis. Take a look at this digitally printed Aston Martin by Ivan Sentch. The body is cast from fiberglass whilst the other components are to be brought in from other models. Considering the work involved, we’re not sure it will be replacing the real thing just yet.

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