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Vicky Bryce-McIntosh

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This week we take a look at Tesco’s latest step in retail domination, and ponder whether FOMO is getting out of hand. All in this week’s News Bulletin


Earlier this week Tesco unveiled a new ‘shopping and leisure destination’ to the public, in the form of its revamped Watford Extra store. As the first retail outlet of its kind in the UK, the store houses everything from uber trendy Harris + Hoole (that ‘indie’ coffee house) to space for yoga classes, and a nail bar. Could Tesco’s concept be a sign of things to come in the changing landscape of retail?

Tesco new store Watford


Neil Taylor, Managing Partner of language consultancy The Writer, sheds light on how brands can use the power of language to engage consumers, and names and shames those guilty of ‘lazy predictability’. In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, ‘if life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor’. In this insightful article, Neil advises brands on how they can spice things up with the added ingredient of cleverly chosen words.

Innocent stop looking at my bottom


Absolut unveils a new art-inspired look for its flavoured range – in what the brand describes as its ‘biggest and most transformative design project ever’. The new designs, which will start being rolled out this month, adopt an artistic, abstract expression of flavour, reinforcing the brand’s creativity credentials.

ABSOLUT Flavours redesign - ENVIRONMENT - range backbar


With the likes of Instagram and Flickr growing increasingly popular, capturing and sharing life’s little moments is all the craze at the moment. But when does a craze just become… well, crazy? ‘Automatic lifelogging camera’ Memoto, bought to market with the investment of 2,871 Kickstart backers, has the capability to capture moments of your life every 30 seconds. The makers hope to tap into the theory that we are a generation who live with a constant FOMO – fear of missing out. Whilst to a certain extent this may be true, where does it end? And, more importantly, with 24 hours in a day – are there really 2880 moments in anyone’s day that are worth capturing on camera?



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