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Vicky Bryce-McIntosh

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This week we take a look at the changing face of retail and admire art that is good enough to eat. Check out this week’s News Bulletin.


A new speedy online grocery delivery service, Pocket Shop, is currently being trialled in London. The service, which is aimed at time-poor customers, allows users to do their ‘top-up’ shop online using a phone or tablet and items are delivered within the hour. Described by the founder as ‘a supermarket in your pocket’, could this new swift service be the death of the corner shop?




The need for bricks-and-mortar stores to adapt and change in the wake of the growing threat from online retailers continues to be a hot topic of discussion. Cecelia Sylvan Martin, Associate Director here at The Big Picture, talks in today’s Retail Week about the shifting role of high street stores, and the potential to engage consumers by adapting an all-encompassing holistic design approach, considering everything from staff to interiors. As we alluded to in last week’s bulletin, could Tesco’s recently opened ‘shopping and leisure destination’ be the next step for physical store environments?


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This week we’re spoiling you with a selection of ‘pretty packaging’. Brandi Parker, Production Director at Spring Design Partners, has noticed a trend for ‘squat cylinder-type’ bottle shapes among craft spirit brands, suggesting the apothecary-inspired bottles are chosen for their ‘premium and understated’ qualities – as well as their economical value, potentially. However, with packaging structure playing a significant role in differentiation – these brands have to work harder to differentiate versus the competition and successfully communicate the unique spirit of their brand.




So, we know you shouldn’t play with your food – but, for Carl Warner’s inspiring Foodscapes, we’ll make an exception. The photography landscapes are created purely from ingredients that could be potential candidates for tonight’s dinner. You have to look twice to believe the mountainous bread rolls or the spaghetti river. These works of art are good enough to take pride of place on the mantelpiece. As well as being good enough to eat. Now there’s food for thought.




All hail-o those who guessed last week’s Name That Brand. Here’s your chance to do it again:

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 11.29.05

That’s just the warm up. Then take a peek at our full Name That Brand game, right here.