News Bulletin 19.08.11


New Bud and DIY BBQ. Intrigued? All is revealed in our latest News Bulletin

Budweiser has launched its 12th new can design since 1936. It is a clean, minimalist update with the iconic Budweiser bow tie at the heart of the new design. The Budweiser creed and medallion also take pride of place on the new can. Americans will be the first to see this new can on their shelves this summer while us Brits will have to wait a little longer; watch this beer can sized space…


The more health conscious amongst us may know about that oh-so-healthy Food Doctor range. Designed to help you make it through the day without snacking on anything naughty (heaven forbid), the Food Doctor’s redesign takes the brand away from its more sciencey roots to a much softer pastel shaded look with, arguably, a lot more appetite appeal. Tempted, anyone? Yes, that includes those of you that are munching on your mid-afternoon packet of crisps / chocolate bar as you read this!

The biscuit aisle at a supermarket near you could well be seeing the arrival of a new biscuit product: Quirks. Sounds like something from The Apprentice, right? Well its not, these extra chocolaty biscuits have been developed by McVitie’s to attract younger consumers. But with a whole host of iconic McVitie’s chocolaty biscuits already on the market (namely HobNobs, Chocolate Digestives and Jaffa Cakes), is there room for another?

Amsterdam-based Natwerks has created a rather unconventional looking sauce range. You’d be mistaken for thinking this range would be more handy for siliconing the shower, but it would in fact be quite at home at your summer BBQ. A must of all those men who fancy themselves as DIY buffs, but in reality struggle to deliver the results…after all, your hamburger won’t mind if it’s ketchup application is a bit messy.