The news takes on an all-American angle this week to mark The Big Picture’s new office in NYC. Take a look as we’re talking about US-brands American Apparel and PayPal, BBQ sauce and seeing NYFW through Glass.

This week we’ve got an American theme, with all stories coming from the US, as we celebrate the opening of our New York office


PayPal unveiled its latest gadget this week, at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco, offering the most seamless in-store mobile payment to date. Beacon can identify a user the moment they set foot in a retail store, requires no app to be opened nor GPS or even phone signal. Technological advances like this are contributing to the ever-changing retail experience, as PayPal encourage shoppers to pay with their phones rather than card or cash.


Some believe every modern marketer needs to have a start-up mentality; an appetite for calculated risk-taking and a desire to experiment. This mindset – coined as ‘Growth Hacker Marketing’ by American Apparel’s marketing director, Ryan Holiday – is about embracing 2013’s technology and having less concern over billboards, PR and ads. Read here how Holiday applies this approach to grow the clothing brand.



We love this twist on an American classic from Honey Badger BBQ Sauce. At first glance, this BBQ sauce pack looks very similar to the iconic Honey Bear brand but this cobra-wrestling badger is much less sweet and packed with spicy habanero sauce. The similarity between the two brands’ packs was an unavoidable result of molding, filling and labeling challenges on the original Honey Badger pack design. But we think this structure will prove to be a good differentiator on a highly competitive BBQ sauce shelf.


This week is New York Fashion Week and social media feeds the whole world round have been awash with multimedia updates from backstage at many high-fashion events. Much of this has been made possible by immersive marketing from Google Glass who handed out the wearable tech to models, press, bloggers and guests. Check out the @GoogleGlass Instagram account to get a taste of life in the front-row.


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