News Bulletin 22.03.2013


This week we suggest a great day out, look at changing waistline of Baileys and get ready for Earth Hour


Which design gets your vote?
Which design gets your vote?

A non-stick ketchup bottle (no more shake, shake, whack!) is among the 99 innovative designs – ranging from furniture to fashion – currently on show at The Design Museum, as part of the Designs of the Year 2013 exhibition. Which of the nominees would you crown Design of the Year?


Have you lost weight?
The shrinking waistline of Baileys

Baileys has unveiled a new slimline, ‘more feminine’ bottle following on from their ‘Cream With Spirit’ campaign. Opinions are divided and the jury’s out. Although a more contemporary and premium aesthetic, we wonder whether Baileys have sacrificed a key brand equity – their distintive bottle shape? Designer Katrina Radic seems to think so. Are Baileys simply moving with the times, or is it a case of ‘if it ain’t broke…’. What do you think?


Where will your favourite flavour take you?
Where will your favourite flavour take you?

Warburtons’ snack range has a new identity courtesy of Family (and friends). ‘Happy Adventures’ is the concept behind the rebrand and these packs certainly make us happy! The bold, colourful illustrations are striking and we really like how the designs play around with the product shot – each flavour incorporating the chip in a quirky and imaginative way. Gives a whole new meaning to ‘playing with your food’.


Switching off for the cause
Switching off for the cause

A gentle reminder that WWF’s Earth Hour is nearly here. Lights will be switched off across the globe in a campaign to raise awareness of climate change and sustainability. It’s for a good cause so join the switch-off at 8:30pm tomorrow. Great opportunity for that candle-lit dinner you’ve been meaning to have.


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