This week we’re taking a look at brands that aren’t afraid to demand more, a tequila bottle that gets prettier the colder it gets and looking down in Japan at a collection of manhole covers (seriously).


British institution, Selfridges, has enjoyed a phenomenally successful soft-launch of its European delivery service – exceeding sales forecasts by nearly 1,000%. As a result, the department store will extend this delivery service globally to another 40 countries including the US, South America, Australia and China. The true test will be whether or not this high level of interest is held once the initial excitement has waned and, of course, the Christmas rush has come and gone.

Selfridges: Open to the world, and now doing delivery


Trendwatching has released this month’s trend briefing, all about ‘Demanding brands’ – defined as brands who are not afraid to push consumers into pro-actively shaping a more sustainable, ethical and socially responsible society. To read more about how this trend is going to develop, check out the full briefing. And to learn The Big Picture’s findings on ‘minding the gap’ between responsible brands and consumers, take a trip to our blog.

This demanding brand wants half of your dinner


A hot topic at The Big Picture this week is this special edition Jose Cuervo packaging, which uses Pantone Thermal inks to transform from black and white illustrations to beautiful full colour when it reaches the perfect temperature to serve. This feature not only serves a functional purpose, but it’s also a great example of how packaging design can delight and surprise consumers at home by going beyond the ordinary.

Cuervo: best served cold and colourful


This week, we’ve discovered how surprisingly beautiful manhole covers are in Japan, and think these little pieces of art are just too good to keep to ourselves. Check out this Flickr photograph collection to see what we mean… Happy Friday!

‘Man’, these are a ‘hole’ lot nicer to look at than Britain’s manhole covers



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