News Bulletin 23.09.11


This week we’re mixing up JD, fudge and some glorious skinny dips, whilst admiring art in the comfort of a spongy field (!)…

The London Design Festival has been in full flow for just under a week now, with the V&A at the very epicenter of events. One of the museum’s installations which we find particularly magnifique comes courtesy of French design duo Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, who installed a whopping great Textile Field in the Raphael Gallery. The field, which is essentially an undulating soft carpet, offers you the chance to lie down and ponder the artworks in comfort– so long as you adorn the special field booties that is. So why not wander across to the V&A this weekend, and rest your weary legs once you’re there!

Jack Daniels celebrates its 160th birthday this month with the launch of this limited edition bottle. With crisp, sophisticated lines, the jet black bottle exudes a more sultry, grandiose feel than the regular JD pack. Needless to say, if you’re lucky enough to nab one of the 200,000 bottles made, why not raise a glass of the good stuff to Jack himself?

The team behind those rather GLORIOUS! soups and sauces, have recently added a new string to their culinary bow; a range of skinny dips. Adopting a sleek visual ID which is in keeping with the wider brand range, the dips feature bespoke lettering to convey the provenance of foodie flavour. The design is by ilovedust for Lambie-Nairn, and can be admired on supermarket shelves as of now.

Thank lord they didn't fudge up this rebrand...

And finally…a sweet treat for fun-loving foodies this Friday – courtesy of Burnt Sugar:

The lumpy and bumpy boutique fudge brand has recently collaborated with design agency d-studio, to come up with this rejuvenating brand redesign and repackage. Each variant embodies a distinct personality thanks to the use of individual hand-drawn doodles and a bright, eye-popping colourway. We particularly love the intricate pack detailing, such as the absence of printed font (indeed, all text and logos on the packs are hand-rendered), and use of sticker icon on the front, both of which help anchor the brand in its traditional, handmade, Borough Market roots.