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Horses, eagles and brand-based monkey business in this week’s News Bulletin

Cogs of Industry

Own label burgers: may contain traces of Shergar
Own label burgers: may contain traces of Shergar

The news outlets have been screaming themselves hoarse this week over supermarkets’ recent equestrian transgression. Horse DNA was found in burgers sold by Aldi, Iceland, Lidl and Tesco. The story spread partially thanks to its suitability for pun-based banter. We’d join in, but that would seem like flogging a…


Commentary Corner

American Airlines: before and after
American Airlines: before (left) and after (right)

American Airlines have a new identity. The work, by FutureBrand, seems to have divided opinion, but this News Bulletiner is with Brand New – it’s great. Strikingly simple, modern, proud, and – most impressively – evokes Americanness in a way which doesn’t feel clichéd.

The designer of the original, Massimo Vignelli, is less impressed.

Pretty Packaging

Name That Can!
Name That Can!

A sort of Name That Brand meets packaging design here. How many can you name?

And Finally…

Shaving space to save New Yorkers feeling the pace
A space shaving race to save face (and waste)

The world is getting smaller. Or at least it seems to be due to a booming population. Which puts more emphasis on architectural design to innovate space-saving solutions. Here’s one idea that packs a wheelchair-accessible bathroom, a full kitchen, space for entertaining and access to a gym, communal lounge, front and back porches and a rooftop garden into 250sqft.

Name That Brand

Last week’s Name That Brand was Whittard’s Tea. Here’s this week’s:

Name That Brand!
Name That Brand!

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