This week we’re talking about Proctor & Gamble going high-fashion and listening to Sir Martin Sorrell warn all businesses about the future of ecommerce. It’s all here in our news bulletin…


Proctor & Gamble is embarking on a new initiative, partnering laundry brands Tide, Downy, Gain and Bounce with global fashion gurus and spokespeople. P&G will collaborate with fashion designer Giles Deacon, fabric and textiles show and trends observer Première Vision and the Council of Fashion Designers of America to explore “the future of fabrics and the science behind the beauty and care of clothes” and bring to market innovative laundering products.

What will happen when high-fashion and laundry collide?


Speaking at a TCC event, WWP boss and marketing leader Sir Martin Sorrell has said that all of his clients are kept awake at night concerned about the growth of Amazon (be they FMCGs or retailers or transportation companies). Sorrell believes that online retail and ecommerce is a hotbed of possibility for every company and that Amazon has the potential to match Google’s presence online. Read more about Sorrell’s view in this article from Marketing Magazine…

Amazonian predator?


The Coal Pot has undergone a significant pack redesign thanks to Port Clarendon; creating a clearer, more consistent brand architecture and deservedly repositioning the brand as high quality soap. A great move forward from the previous design, which didn’t do justice to the quality of product underneath. We’re loving the juxtaposition of the block printed logo and variant name with the overlaid freehand typography.

A squeaky clean new pack design for The Coal Pot soaps


If you’ve seen Martin Scorses’s film Hugo then you may already be familiar with Peter Bellerby’s (now Bellerby & Co) beautiful handcrafted globes. His work has also featured on BBC shows, been exhibited for the Royal Geographical Society and sits on display in countless celebrity homes. The level of detail is so intricate and took so long to master that Bellerby hasn’t even dared apply for patents or copyrights, in case it gives his methods away! One quick glance over the collection and you’re bound to fall in love.

Bellerby’s job is his world


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