It’s Friday, which can only mean one thing. Our news bulletin. This week we are looking at the new HMV identity and admiring some beautifully simple packaging designs. All that and more right here…


HMV is back in business and has re-launched with a new, neon identity. Designed by The Council, the new identity and positioning has a dual purpose; to show the brand’s “new found energy” but also remind consumers of its heritage, summed up neatly in the line “The home of entertainment since 1921”. These days, high street entertainment retailers have an up hill struggle against online downloads. Sure this modern look is a well needed update for the brand, but will this repositioning be enough to bring shoppers back home?

His Master has found his voice again


Do consumers prefer the freedom of bountiful choice, or feel more comfortable with the restriction of a simpler selection? Research to date has concluded the latter is true but now Arry Tanusondjaja, research associate at Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, is suggesting that – much like the natural progression of scientific research findings – this past conclusion may not be accurate in the light of further evidence. Tanusondjaja’s aim now is to determine whether bigger product portfolios are always better for a brand, read his article here and watch this space for findings of his new project.

Are consumers drowning in a sea of choice, or waving?


They say that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and designers often use minimal, uncomplicated styles to position brands as premium. This week, we don’t have just one example of pretty packaging (that would be too simple!) but 15 great examples of minimalist packaging design. But if we had to pick a favourite, it would be House by John Lewis, designed by Pentagram.

Putting the spotlight on minimalist packaging styles


Earlier this month, Starbucks opened a concept store in Colorado; a tiny, portable and “hyper-local” coffee hut. This particular move to expand the Starbucks business might be exactly why the brand has this week pushed forward on legal action against a Bangkok-based coffee cart, Starbung. Starbucks is suing Starbung for infringement on intellectual property, filed a trademark violation complaint and called for the arrest of Starbung’s founders.

Trouble is brewing, has Starbung got itself in hot water?


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