News Bulletin 28.03.2013


Vicky Bryce-McIntosh

Senior Research Executive

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From whisky to Beanz – take a peek at this week’s News Bulletin


Congratulations on your engagement (with consumers)
Congratulations on your engagement (with consumers)

The nominations for the Marketing Week Engage Awards 2013 are in. Celebrating marketing effectiveness, the awards look beyond the creative – also accounting for return on investment (well, as they say, the proof is in the pudding!), innovation and impact on consumer behaviour. We’ll have to wait until the ceromony on the 21st May to find out who will be crowned this year’s most engaging brands.


Am I getting through to you?
Are we getting through to you?

In an age where information is available at the click of a button (what did we do before Google?), are consumers struggling with information overload? Nicola Kemp of Marketing Week seems to think so and questions whether brands need to pipe down if they want to keep consumers engaged. Less is more, perhaps?


The Directors
The JW Directors’ cut

Each year Diageo release a limited edition Johnnie Walker Directors Blend to be sent to their most ‘esteemed’ friends (unfortunately, that means we can’t get our hand on a bottle!). Love are behind this year’s design, creating a pack that manages to communicate opulence whilst retaining a simple, clean aesthetic. To give it that extra special touch, a ‘poetic toast’ to the recipient- inspired by the brand’s Keep Walking philosophy – takes pride of place on the label. What a beaut of a bottle.


Beanz to make you boogie

Beanz Meanz innovation if Heinz’ most recent launch is anything to go by. Each of the Heinz Beanz flavours will be accompanied with a flavour-inspired bowl and musical spoon, taking users on a ‘culinary’, sensorial journey. Food design extraordinaires Bompass & Parr are behind the brand’s five Flavour Experiences and we can’t wait to try them all! Beans on toast will never be the same again.


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