News Bulletin 28.09.12


Vicky Bryce-McIntosh

Senior Research Executive

Categories News

This week we look at brand bibles and MySpace’s comeback.


Special K’s Tweet treat

Special K has graced our streets this week with the world’s first ‘Tweet shop’. The pop-up store in London offers customers the opportunity to buy new Special K cracker crisps by sharing their thoughts about the new snack on Twitter. The store is only open until today so, as it’s Friday, maybe you should take an extended lunch break and head on down there.


Where art thou brand bible?

This week Creative Review looks at Norwich Cathedral’s aptly-named Brand Bible (yes, cathedrals need brand guidelines too). After working on the cathedral’s brand identity in 2009, The Click design consultancy was recently asked to create a brand manual for staff to follow religiously, so to speak.


Bob’s Tasty Habanero delights

Bob, pioneer of the homemade Tasty Habanero range, had a problem: due to the scale of his business (well, currently, it’s a one man band) and his available resources, he needed a low-tech, low-cost method to package his goods. Nick Misani was the man with the answer. He designed and made rubber stamps that Bob could use to create labels for his hot delights. The overall look reflects the home-grown, simple nature of the products and exudes rustic charm.


A new face for MySpace

MySpace is reinventing itself, and is set to relaunch soon. The social networking site is inviting users to visit its new landing site and leave their email address, ready to receive their invitation to join the website when it makes its comeback. This marks owner Justin Timberlakes’s second attempt at bringing SexyBack to the site.


Can you NTB this week?

Can you Name That Brand?

Last week’s answer is: Burger King’s, now retro, logo. Want to see how good you really are? Play our interactive game here.