Welcome to this week’s news bulletin, in this round up we’re talking about how great insight fuels great design and how little seeds can make pretty patterns.


There’s an emerging mini-industry growing from consumers’ desire to share goods and services, rather than buying them new: ‘sharing economy’ caters for people who prefer searching for quick, cost-effective solutions from their peers. A well-known example is Airbnb, which allows you to rent out a subscriber’s empty home for a short stay instead of a hotel. This trend is certainly good news for cost-savvy consumers, but it could spell trouble for any established brands who can’t find opportunity in the area.

Getting a room from Airbnb offers a suite-er deal than most hotels


Last week saw another updated version of the iPad (now even lighter, and therefore, more portable than ever) which continues to cash in on the great insight Apple originally found – that a space, and a need, exists between the smartphone and the laptop. Currently featured on PopSop, our very own Stuart Chapman uses this and other great examples to illustrate why great insight is crucial to great design.

Apple’s great insight lead to another great iDea


In the last news bulletin we had a great round up of minimalist packaging designs, and this week we’ve found another! Designed by Les Bons Faiseurs, Lupains has a beautifully simple design inspired by the different shaped seeds used in its artisanal bakery. We love how, although individual and random, when repeated together the seed shapes become a quirky and ownable pattern.

Roll-ing out a new identity for Lupains


You may have heard about Phonebloks – a concept for a mobile phone built up of swappable components, allowing the individual parts to be upgraded and repaired as needed. The idea, brainchild of Dave Hakkens (featured in the video below), has received praise and criticism alike. Unfortunately, it seems that Phonebloks is nothing more than a good idea at present; the technology needed to bring it to life simply doesn’t exist as of yet. However, Motorola have got on board with Hakkens to develop the idea. So let’s watch this space!




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