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We’re taking a look everything from men’s shopping habits to comic-book superheros – all in this week’s News Bulletin


Online shopping
Should stores feel threatened?

A recent study has revealed that 85% of the male population prefer to shop online than in-store. As online and mobile technology progresses, the face of retail is rapidly changing. With that ‘get out of shopping free’ card all the more accessible to men (and consumers generally), bricks-and-mortar retailers need to develop their ‘human’ and ‘experiential’ advantage over online touchpoints. That is, if they want to keep up in the retail rat-race.


The Dark Nike
The Dark Nike

Great brands should be strong characters – echoing last week’s post about the importance of brand personality consistency. And characters don’t get much stronger than comic-book superheroes. Here’s an interesting take on brand archetypes, giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘hero brand’.


Brand new heritage

Dodd’s Gin, named after 18th century engineer Ralph Dodd, is inspired by the geometric and technical drawings of its namesake’s industrial era. The designers, United Creatives, aim to create an identity that communicates quality and craftsmanship through intricate details on the label. The bottle, which is reminiscent of apothecaries long ago, successfully gives the impression of a brand steeped in heritage – a pretty impressive achievement for a newly launched brand!


And then there was light...
And then there was light…

Design consultancy Seymourpowell have created a new bar tap which provides the audience with a glimpse into the (golden-lit) world of Guinness. Focusing on the ‘unique Guinness pouring ritual’, the consultancy hopes it will create a more ‘emotive’ connection with consumers. Based on the concept ‘the magic behind the gates’, the Guinness tap is striking – and demonstates the merits of underpinning design with a clearly defined proposition.


Did you guess last week’s NTB? Well there’s another chance to have a go this week:

Name that brand
Name that brand

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