It’s a bulletin bursting with brands this week as we talk Prada, Tiffany, Moet & Chandon, Heineken and Stella Artois in just one story. Sounds like a great party doesn’t it? But that’s just the start…


It’s been said that 2014 will be the year for branded content but this year has seen several high profile brands collaborating with high profile film directors and production studios. Prada, Tiffany and Moet & Chandon came on board with funding to support The Great Gatsby, having an active hand in the production, ranging from research to prop design. Heineken enjoyed a similar partnership with last year’s Skyfall and last week In Fear became the latest film release backed by Stella Artois’ bursary programme.

The toast of great content branding


Unilever is launching Project Sunlight, a brand campaign to engage consumers in conversation on the topic of sustainability. In an interview, Unilever’s Marc Mathieu explains why they are taking an emotional route in; asking “Why bring a child into this world?” The angle is insight-lead; new parents experience a change in perspective of the world as a result of becoming responsible for another life. This emotional spin on sustainable living comes in contrast to competitor P&G’s more practicality driven sustainability campaign, focusing on consumers’ environmental impact.

Unilever pulls at the proverbial heart strings


This scratch-away label for Spanish craft beer brand Dolina is inspired by findings at the Atapuerca archaeological site and encourages interaction and engagement with the pack. Design studio, Moruba, developed the idea and is also the studio behind these wine bottles that caught our imagination recently, applying a fresh way of communicating vintage using a man’s ageing face.

A great example of bare-bones branding


To finish off this week, take a look at this brilliant Tumblr blog ‘Swoosh art’ which juxtaposes the world of classical painting with the famous Nike swoosh brandmark. The result is borderline uncomfortable in places but definitely entertaining. Happy weekend!

Nike’s new poster boys channel a different, dapper look for the brand


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