In this edition of our weekly news bulletin we look at the new Amazon Prime Air, get smart on 2014’s consumer trends and talk about Black Friday madness.


Shoppers driven by Black Friday fever struck stores last week. With scenes of sales-induced madness and fighting in both the US and the UK, you wouldn’t have guessed that US sales on the day dipped for the first time in 7 years – the average spend of a US shopper was $407.02, down from $423.55.

Seeing red on Black Friday


With the turn of the year only a few weeks away, marketers are looking ahead to 2014’s consumer trends and Trendwatching has given its prediction of the seven consumer trends to watch out for in the forthcoming year. It looks like 2014 will be another big year for sustainable ethics, connectivity and developments in wearable tech. Check out the full briefing to get in the know…

What do the cookie monster, Monopoly and a chaise longue have in common?


Consumers’ heightened awareness of healthy living means more people are browsing the health & organic food category, so competition is tougher than ever. Brands have divided in separate camps; one, sticking true to earnest visual language and the other, talking about wellness in new ways. This article collates some interesting examples of this, we particularly like Happy Baby which creates playful characters from fresh fruit and veg.

Happy Baby encourages playing with your food


Earlier in the week Amazon announced the amazingly futuristic-sounding Prime Air, a service using airborne drones to deliver parcels within 30 minutes of purchase, planned for launch in 2015 for the US and 2016 for Europe. Competitor bookstore, Waterstones, gave a masterclass in responsive marketing by announcing their own flying delivery service O.W.L.S., which will unfortunately take an unforeseeable length of time to launch as owls are very tricky to train.

Will Prime Air take off?


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