This week we look at branding, rebranding and even Santa branding…


A new report by Oxygen8 claims that almost half of Brits think the advertising they receive on their mobiles isn’t useful or relevant. And given 54% of those asked said that they would be interested in receiving relevant vouchers and product information, it seems companies are really missing a trick. Indeed, Maria Grant, head of product development at Oxygen8 Group claims “companies need to rethink their mobile marketing strategies, working harder to identify the needs of each customer…Only then will they be able to find the best way to communicate with them and deliver the right message at the right time.” We quite agree.

To be taken ad-vantage of


Here at The Big Picture, we understand the challenges involved in redesigning an own label brand – which can sometimes cover hundreds, even thousands of products. US grocery chain The Fresh Market discusses how they overcame some of they key design challenges when redesigning their range of own label products. We think the results speak for themselves…

Foodie shots help products pop


A few weeks ago, Dairy Milk released images of their new design work by Pearlfisher. Now we have a nice little video introducing us to the new packs, which are due for release in the UK. As ever, the brand are reliant on their closely guarded (but not trademarked) 2685C purple for brand recognition, but the new logo differs significantly from the one we’ve known and loved for over 108 years.

A glass and a half full of joy…


Spreading faster round branding and marketing circles than rhinopharyngitis is the Santa brand book, a work of pure festive genius from Quiet Room. If you haven’t seen this yet, be sure to check it out.

The house of Santa; built on gullibility and deceit. Merry Christmas!


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