It’s the last news bulletin of 2013 and it’s a festive bonanza, best enjoyed with a nice mince pie. We’ve got Christmas packaging, advertising and even decoration. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!


Last month we put our two cents in on the best Christmas ads on British telly this year. And now, the official stats are in from social media agency We Are Social. Turns out we are a sentimental lot at The Big Picture, as our favoured ad – Sainsbury’s Christmas in a Day – is considered the most emotionally engaging (with 21% of people who tweeted about the ad mentioning crying). But the top spot goes to John Lewis whose ‘The Bear and the Hare’ ad was the most talked about this year, eliciting a massive 212,000 mentions on Twitter.

The hare wins the race for John Lewis


Many brands now choose to celebrate the festive season with the launch of seasonal packaging. But how can brands sparkle with Christmas cheer whilst ensuring brand equities and VBL aren’t diluted? Spring Design Partners offers its rules on how to build brand equity with seasonal packaging by playing with existing structure, tone of voice and pack elements, including with some best in show examples.

The best Method for building brand equity at Christmas time


Eggnog goes a little over our heads in the UK, but if these lovely eggnog packs were on our supermarket shelves I’m sure booze-y eggs would seem all the more appealing. There’s something of a timeless charm in this collection, thanks to the festive illustration and pre-loved feel. But, best not to think of the ageing eggs inside…

Egg-cellent egg-amples of eggnog
Egg-cellent egg-amples of eggnog


We’re pining after this minimalist navity set made from coloured blocks. Not only does it look sleek and quirky, but it also applies colour, proportion and composition intelligently in order to instantly communicate the navity scene.

And seeing as it’s Christmas, here’s another tidbit to end the week. This fun and nostalgic infographic counts down the most popular Christmas toys from the last 50 years and highlights how electronics have more or less dominated since the early 00s.

Merry Christmas everyone, we’ll see you in 2014!

We’d definitely have room for this


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