This week we are opening debate around the Winter Olympics advert and looking at the the new Absolut logo…


Working with Brand Union, Absolut has undergone a forward-thinking global rebrand omitting the words ‘Country of Sweden’ and ‘vodka’ from its logo. The change comes as the brand moves towards a parent brand approach to umbrella its growing portfolio of drinks. The only touchpoint where the logo remains unchanged is on-pack.

One logo for absolutely everything


The Internet has gone wild for RKCR/Y&R’s Winter Olympics advert released at the end of last week. Borrowing the imagery and tone of voice of fantasy blockbusters Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones the ad is ‘epic’ in many ways. However Eliza Williams, a blogger for Creative Review, argues that although epic, it lacks the emotional connection previous Olympic and Paralympic campaigns achieved. Williams suggests the ad promotes the games in a way more akin to a new TV drama, rather than focusing on the Olympic spirit. What do you think?


Intense PopColors from oBoticário is a make-up range designed for young women. Designed by Brainbox Design, the packaging is inspired by the vibrant range of colours available in the collection. The splash motifs convey an artistic, creative flair that resonates within the youth cosmetics market. The overall effect is a striking and exciting entry-level range that can still appeal to women well past their teens.

Make-up artists


Alex James, bassist from the English alternative rock band Blur, has applied for the trademarking of ‘Britpop’ with which he plans to develop and market a new drink. The exact plans are yet unknown, but the trademark would allow James to launch soft or alcoholic beverages. He already holds trademarks on a variety of names for cheeses, but UK retailer ASDA ceased stocking six of his cheeses, describing the flavours as ‘ahead of their time’. Based on that, we are certainly intrigued to see what Alex James has in mind for ‘Britpop’…

Will ‘Britpop’ be classic British cool or more 90s throwback?


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