Would you want Amazon to send you items you hadn’t fully decided upon yet? How about buying some classic cupboard fillers made of felt? It’s a mix bag in this week’s news bulletin…


Amazon continues to lead the way in revolutionary e-commerce techniques, coining the dawn of its ‘anticipatory shipping’. By analysing a wealth of user data (including wish lists, shopping cart contents, previous purchases and even the length of time a cursor is left to hover over an item) Amazon says it will be possible to guess what we will buy next and have it shipped and on its way before we’ve even clicked ‘check out’.

They’re waiting for you…


How do brands with heritage rooted in the past stay relevant and engaging for the consumers of the present and the future? Vice President of marketing for 142-year-old Heinz, Giles Jepson, believes the key to Heinz’s success is to never “rest on their laurels” and ensure its products continuously evolve in line with consumer behaviour. To illustrate the point, Heinz has this week released Reduced Sugar and Salt beans, reflecting the needs of more health conscious eaters.

Heinz are happy to give the people what they want


Even though most of us are still on post-Christmas cut-back diets, Easter eggs are already hitting the supermarket shelves… so how about an alternative Easter treat for the design lover in your life? Omnom Hand Crafted Chocolate not only prides itself as being “an amazing mind-blowing tasty chocolate bar” but the brand has approached its packaging design with experiential structure in mind; unlike other bars (with foil wrap or box formats) Omnom unfolds like the net of an envelope. A lovely Easter gift to open up.

Sweet tooth envy(lope)


We all know that the face of the high street is changing, but The Cornershop is mixing things up in an unexpected way. The installation piece by Lucy Sparrow will restock an abandoned shop in London with products handmade entirely from felt. For all other intents and purposes it will be a functioning store (shoppers can browse and buy) but we aren’t sure it would be advisable to tuck into a tin of felt spam for your tea.

We’ve heard the shopkeeper is Vanessa Feltz


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