Premier Foods announces another change to its brand portfolio, Coca-Cola knocks it out of the park with a beautiful limited edition design for Vietnamese New Year and we learn that we are, in fact, ‘stuffocating’…


In 2012, Premier Foods announced plans to reduce its brand portfolio to focus on eight ‘Power Brands’. And now the company has entered a deal with US private equity firm Gores Group; ceding control of Hovis, one of the eight, to Gores Group by selling a 51% share and ending 125 years of British ownership. Premier gains from the deal the support needed to invest £200 million into Hovis over the next five years.

Premier Foods sells of a big slice of Hovis – did they knead the dough?


As Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street showed, the age of excessive materialism belongs to a different era. And whilst we still like to buy, James Wallman believes we are experiencing the cluttered hangover of a “more is better” mentality, a problem that he calls ‘Stuffocation’. So what’s the way forward for brands? How do you sell to an audience that, really, has enough? You can read here how Wallman believes brands can work with this trend, by championing experiences over material possession.

“But, I have nothing to wear!”


Cola-Cola is celebrating Vietnamese New Year with limited edition cans embellished with hand-illustrated swallows and Vietnamese characters meaning ‘peace’, ‘success’ and ‘prosperity’. The designs stray far enough from the normal pack to have great initial impact, whilst being a perfect fit with the brand’s proposition of positivity. We love these little pieces of art.

We’d be flocking to get our hands on these


The world is gearing up once again for New York Fashion week and word on the street is that Marc Jacobs is to open ‘Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Store’, a pop-up where products have no monetary value. Instead, goods can only be bought with ‘social currency’; by posting the hashtag #MJDaisyChain across various social media platforms. It’s not yet clear how many hashtags will be needed per item, or even if it’s that obvious an exchange. But it may well make some cash-strapped, media-savvy fashion fans very happy!

The start of a daisy chain of great PR?


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