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From powerful brands to powerful leaders. Things are powerful for this week’s News Bulletin!


Consumers are feeling more confident in the East
Consumers are feeling more confident in the East

In the wake of a global recession, consumer confidence has suffered a knock-back. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Although faced with continued economic uncertainty and the like, in many places, optimism is on the rise. Unlike in the UK (where scores are dwindling), Japan has received its highest consumer confidence score since 2006 and Indonesia is currently the most optimistic of all consumer markets, suggesting a positive shift in the East. High scores indicate high purchase intent and, with parts of Asia recently experiencing rapid economic growth, it would seem that currently, the Far East is a brand’s world.


Facebook gets a facelift
Facebook gets a facelift

So Facebook has a new ‘F’ logo? No, we didn’t notice either. The change is so slight that you may wonder why they even bothered. But, as we know here at TBP, even subtle changes can make a difference. A consistent visual brand identity is integral to building strong brand equity (see an exemplary example below) so, if this is what FB is trying to achieve – as this post speculates – we give a ‘like’ thumbs-up to their (oh so subtle) update.


What’s in a name?

Coke is one of – if not, the – most recognised brands on the planet and their latest campaign is a great example of the link between a consistent visual brand identity and unrivalled brand equity. The ‘share a Coke with…’ campaign – in which the brand name on pack will be replaced with 150 of the most popular names – demonstrates the crucial role played by colourways, structure and graphic devices in building a recognisable brand with stacks of equity (the ‘No Noise’ initiative by Selfridges is another great example of this!). The soft drinks company hopes the campaign will ‘capture the nation’s imagination’ and encourage consumers to connect with each other. As Shakespeare once said, a rose (or, in this case, a Coke) by any other name would smell as sweet…


Hitting the right note?
Hitting the right note?

Sir Winston Churchill, one of Britain’s most prominent political figures, is the face of a newly designed £5 note to be circulated in 2016. And we Brits aren’t the only ones at it, as the US Federal Reserve Bank have unveiled a brand spanking new $100 bill. Designing banknotes is a delicate balancing act between security and functionality versus aesthetics and distinction. It’s also a considerably lengthy process. We wonder which influential figures of our time will be gracing notes of the future – Mr Johnson on a Boris bike? We wouldn’t bank on it…


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