The Super Bowl adverts have been big news this week, but how many of the adverts can you recall seeing? The answer may be surprisingly low. If Super Bowl adverts aren’t for you then we’re also talking about the future of retail, branding own-label and texts from your salad…


The Super Bowl ad breaks have dominated marketing news this week (almost as much as the Seattle Seahawks dominated Sunday’s game). The broadcast provides an opportunity to reach a hugely populated and widely spread audience, over 50 brands spent close to $300m on creating the perfect spot. However, it’s suggested that the adverts are too easily forgotten for the amount they cost; with one study finding a sample of the Super Bowl audience could only recall 10% of the ads they saw.

Not exactly super memora-bowl


Branding and packaging lead product communication on shelf; shoppers rely on design to develop an expectation of the product inside. But is it possible that product expectation can impact product experience? The Big Picture’s Stuart Chapman sees implications for packaging design in Phil Barden’s book Decoded.

As design researchers, it’s our job to know why people buy


We’ve got some fresh content on The Big Picture blog, looking at the future of retail. The rise of online retail doesn’t have to mean the death of bricks-and-mortar stores; they still have an important part to play in an omni-channel retail environment. In the post we look at the role that good design can play in future proofing bricks-and-mortar stores.

How can bricks-and-mortar stores ensure they offer new and different shopping experiences?


Elmwood has designed the brand identity and packaging for Independent, an own-label range borne of a partnership between Costcutter Supermarkets and Palmer & Harvey wholesalers. The range will be sold in Costcutter, Mace and Kwicksave, and stock will be tailored to meet local needs. Conceptually, the design illustrates the marriage of big and little – a big range of products at small prices. We think it’s a great example of the journey supermarket own-labels have come on; at first simply providing low cost alternatives to branded products, to now existing as multi-tiered brands in their own right.

For olive your grocery needs


Food waste is a big issue in supermarkets and in fridges at home. But now scientists have developed a microchip that can be embedded inside food packaging to text the owner and let them know when the best before date is nearing. Rumour has it that Holland will be implementing the technology very soon.

“Please don’t leaf me…”

And speaking of technology, we couldn’t resist sharing this story with you as well: Hello Ruby is a children’s book for a new age, teaching kids four to seven how to code through a simple narrative and illustrations exploring the basics of computer programming. The book has hugely surpassed its Kickstarter pledge of $10,000 and is currently nearer $300,000.

It looks like kids will soon be reciting their ABCs and HTMLs


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