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This week we look at the latest packaging development for preventing unhealthy living and how everyday FMCG can be reinvented as high-fashion catwalk pieces…


The State of California is weighing up the benefits of introducing health warning labels on fizzy and sweetened drinks, similar to that on cigarette packaging. The text would warn that consumption of the product ‘contributes to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay’ and would also be present at vending machines and self-serve points in fast food stores. The plans are another move in a string of health-conscious packaging developments, following the standardisation of a GDA traffic light system in the UK and plain cigarette packaging in Australia.

Might these famous soda brands soon have to consider health warning labels on-pack?


A box of chocolates decorated with sultry black lace and sexy satin may not scream “romantic gift” to many women, but US candy company Russell Stover recognise that unlike other candy, boxed chocolate isn’t purchased by the person who eats it. In fact, during the month of February the majority of footfall down the candy aisle will be men – and ‘men like black lace’. The lingerie box, as it’s known internally, was one of the best selling products this Valentine’s Day.

It’s hardly Cocoa Chanel, but the guys seem to like it


The sun is shining today and we are looking optimistically towards springtime (and dare we say, even summer). This lovely coconut water packaging, developed by Marx Design for The Coconut Collective, has succeeded in whisking us away to exotic lands thanks to the design’s sun-bleached colour palette, which is evocative of the drink’s tropical provenance.

What a lovely bunch of coconuts


For the past week it’s been London’s turn to host its Fashion Week, and one show in particular caught our eye. Handbag designer Anya Hindmarch aimed to ‘cheer people up’ on the last day with a catwalk show that mimicked supermarket shopping. The set was striped like a barcode and models walked along checkout-style conveyor belts with shopping baskets – one even pushed a trolley. The bag designs themselves borrow from the world of FMCG, translating Kellogg’s cereal and laundry powder packs into high-fashion accessories.

Anya Hindmarch’s Supermarket Sweep was just ggrrreeaaaat!


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