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A war is being waged between Unilever and P&G over promotional prices in the haircare aisle and the famous “Got Milk?” line has been axed. It’s all in this week’s news bulletin…


A price war is being waged between Unilever and Proctor & Gamble as both try to out-promote the other in the haircare aisle. The haircare category suffered badly at the hands of the financial crisis, and shoppers still desire to keeps costs low on their locks. In the US, both Unilever and P&G have used special offers to attract new consumers and there have never been so many BOGOF promotions on the market.

For haircare shoppers, cost is the mane concern


Over twenty years since its debut, the iconic “Got Milk?” strapline has seen its last day. Inspiration struck the ad agency (Goodby, Silverstein & Partners) whilst they were viewing consumer research; hearing one respondent say, “The only time I even think about milk is when I run out of it”. From then, the words “Got Milk?” became ubiquitous and so effective for promoting milk that the phrase earned a place in popular culture. It’s certainly sad to see it go.


Take a look at this beautiful collection of packaging designs that use watercolour techniques to evoke a range of communication; from light and feminine beauty products to authentic craft beer and premium seafood ranges. It’s impressive how the application of a single paint technique can relay such a variety of messages.

Ballast Point uses watercolour to create nostalgic authenticity


Following in Apple iOS7’s footsteps of flat and simplified design that moves away from skeuomorphism, designer Roberto Manzari has proposed this iOS7-inspired version of Twitter’s bluebird logo. It’s definitely simple, constructed of only three overlaid forms – but is this really the shape of things to come?

Aviary simplified look for Twitter


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