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It’s “Happy Birthday” to the World Wide Web this week, and “hello” to Berners-Lee’s new initiative The Web We Want. We’re also taking a look at the new Rowse Honey packaging and Propel’s repositioning. It’s all in the news bulletin…


It’s long been the belief of marketers that the shopping journey funnels down linearly from awareness, to interest, to desire and finally purchase. But now, with consumers continually absorbing branded messages, it’s been theorised that more than 50% of consumers already have a strong idea of which brand they will purchase before they start the shopping process. Read up on this new model to understand more about how consumer purchase decisions are being influenced.

Are brands priming shoppers in everyday life?


With big brands like Vitaminwater and SoBe to compete against in the enhanced-water category, Propel is coming back fighting with a return to its athletic roots, targeting routine exercisers once again as ‘the workout water’. Propel helped build the market when it was first launched twelve years ago, and it’s hoped that the repositioning and new pack will reinvigorate latent brand equity.

Propel is energetically jumping back into the market competition


BrandOpus have redesigned our porridge-favourite Rowse honey, giving the pack a more confident persona fit for a market leader. And it looks as though Rowse want to expand honey’s occasionality by offering Australian, Chinese and Acacia variants (recommended for use at BBQs, in stir-fry and in hot teas respectively) a more sophisticated ‘foodie’ feel.

You wouldn’t have to comb the supermarket shelves to notice these


The Internet celebrates its 25th birthday this week, which has sparked further debate concerning privacy rights online. As a result, its inventor, Tim Berners-Lee, is launching an initiative titled “the web we want” to shape a more secure and private future for Internet users.

Birthday ‘banner’


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