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Industry news from General Mills and Kellogg’s, the introduction of Starbucks Evenings and a structural pack design that could change our every day lives. It’s been a busy week!


As the adage goes, ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’. And it’s certainly true for the breakfast cereal brands owned by General Mills and Kellogg’s, both of which have reported a drop in global sales for the last quarter of 2013 – partly due to weaker demands from developing countries, partly due to winter weather disruption to production and distribution. General Mills blame its 1.2% decrease in sales to the loss of 62 production days, halted by last year’s cold winter.

Not so cheerio


Starbucks is to introduce alcohol to its coffee shop menu as part of the new ‘Starbucks Evenings’. Thousands of Starbucks stores in the US will soon be selling bottled beer and wine from 4pm every day. And much like many of the store’s ‘locally relevant’ interiors, the alcohol and evening food selection will vary to meet local taste preferences.

Starbucks have bean the most popular coffee store for a while, now they are chai-ing something new


This new concept for Colgate toothpaste may put to bed a problem that crops up in households across the world every day. The pack – created by Nicole Panuzzo, a design student at Arizona State University – uses an origami technique to collapse the structure down as the toothpaste inside is used up. The result is a flat piece of paper with nowhere for that elusive last squeeze of toothpaste to hide. Check out these other great examples of how origami folds can be utilised in product design.

We would love to see Colgate take up this idea!


Wes Anderson’s films always pull a big-name cast, and with so many famous faces on the screen it can be easy to miss the subtle beauty created by the idiosyncrasies of his direction. This brilliant two-minute montage of clips, from Anderson’s portfolio, shows his unwavering commitment to symmetry in each of his films.


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