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This week we take a look at the future of retail and the changing faces of Daft Punk – it’s the News Bulletin!


The blurring of lines between retail and e-tail
The blurring of lines between retail and e-tail

As online and mobile technology develops, the face of retail is rapidly changing – as alluded to in our post a few weeks ago. However, retailers across the pond are upping the pace with US high street stores using electronic labelling to allow real-time pricing. The reaction of UK retailers has so far been less than enthusiastic (a spokesperson for Asda suggests it will be ‘chaos’, whilst Sainsbury’s believe it will be a ‘nightmare’), but could such technology (which has the potential to target shoppers with ‘personalised’ promotions) be the gentle nudge that the high street needs? Read the full story here, and make up your own mind.


Argos it?
Argos it?

Seamlessly leading on from this week’s Cogs Of Industry, Marketing Week’s Ronan Shields argues that high street retailers are lacking innovation and vision (despite the best efforts of some), and need to do more if they don’t want to be left behind. Take a look at who he thinks are the industry’s worst offenders, and who are top of the class, here (teaser: there are no gold stars for Argos).


Fun, quirky, bold - yes. But natural?
Fun, quirky, bold – yes. But natural?

Quirky, bright and differentiated – we’re sure Pekabesko’s Naturally Made Pâté has stacks of standout. But, whilst standout is important, it’s not everything – particularly if your pack is not communicating the right message. The owners claim the design is based on ‘the essence of our product – naturally made pâté’. Yes they’re fun, code-breaking and have oodles of character, but we’re just wondering how successfully these packs communicate the key proposition of ‘natural’?


The changing face of Daft Punk
The changing ‘faces’ of Daft Punk

Like brands, bands too have a visual identity. Does that mean that bands are brands? Whatever your opinion, here’s an interesting look at the development of Daft Punk’s visual ‘band’ identity. We’d say they’ve taken an evolutionary approach. Unlike, for example, the infamous Tropicana ‘rebrand’ – which demonstrated the perils of throwing your visual identity out with the bath water.


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