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In the news this week, a shake-up in the pharmaceutical world and a solution to one of dinner’s biggest problems…soggy ketchup!


GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis and Eli Lilly have struck a deal to swap assets, so that each of the pharmaceutical giants can concentrate on particular specialisms. Novartis is set to buy GSK’s cancer drugs, and in return GSK will sell Novartis its vaccine division. It’s also planned for the two to come together and form a new consumer-health venture. This means a big shake up in the pharma world, and rumour has it that the mergers will result in less R&D and innovation spend in the immediate future.

Three pharmaceutical power-houses come together


If you love tomato ketchup, chances are you hate ketchup water – the runny mess that often comes out of the bottle before a good dollop of ketchup. Luckily, two high school students from Kansas have solved the problem, by developing ‘the shroom’. Based on the Pythagorean cup theorem, ‘the shroom’ is a bottle cap with a built-in basin for capturing watery dribble, allowing pure ketchup to pass. It all sounds very technical, but if it means no more soggy fries then we are on board!


This redesign for health-minded chocolate brand NibMor (Nibble More) has had great exposure online this week – although many blogs are heralding the new design without showing the previous pack, which we think is a real shame. Only when compared to the previous pack, can we see the transformational journey of the new design and really admire the updated logomark, range architecture and overall pack aesthetics. Great work from Pearlfisher and NibMor!

NibMor old packaging (left) to new (right) – quite the delicious transformation!


Japanese culture often brings some interesting food combinations to the table, but these new flavours from Häagen-Dazs are especially bizarre. As part of its ‘Spoon Vege’ series in Japan, the brand is bringing to market Tomato Cherry and Carrot Orange ice-cream. We’re not sure if this is meant to be dessert, or dinner?

Ice greens


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