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How brands could be making you hot with spicy foods, and why your car exhaust could be the place to go to cool down.


Amazon and Twitter have teamed up on a shopping service allowing Tweeters to add items to their Amazon cart by hash-tagging #amazonbasket in response to a tweet containing a product link. The move is yet another recently launched service from Amazon, making shopping with them increasingly simple and instant.

Hashtagging has never delivered so much


Kraft and General Mills are among many brands spicing up their packaged foods, in a strategic attempt to boost sales by tapping into consumers’ endorphin levels. As your body tries to fight off the heat of a chilli, it releases endorphins — the body’s natural painkillers — which also serve to leave you feeling good. American fast food outlets are all over the “Super Spice Me” trend too, believing, as GM do, that hotter foods “create a lot of loyalty”. How far will this chilli sensation go?

Hot Chip



We are loving this super London-chic design for Toastits coffee outlet. Aesop’s identity for the start-up successfully captures the artisinal personality of the street venture. With cups this good, we can’t wait to get up to Camden Lock to try out those toasties!



Honda have launched H2O, a water brand designed to demonstrate the purity of the emissions from their new Honda FCX. The FCX is the world’s first mass produced car to run on compressed hydrogen instead of petrol, which means instead of fumes coming from the exhaust, it’s pure water. H2O is a clever way to ensure their sustainable innovations hit home with consumers, and we’re all for it, so long as the water in our bottles is from the lab, not the exhaust pipe.

Never run out of water in the car again


Here’s the answer to the Name That Brand from last week. Why not send us a Tweet and see if you’ve got this week’s right:

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