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In the news this week, the challenge for modern retail in India and how personal care brands can appeal to men.


In India modern supermarkets only account for 4% of the market, and retailers are struggling to build engagement in the ‘faceless’ environment. Traditional stores are much more personal; where the vendor knows your name, your usual order and may even let you build up a pay-monthly tab. Now, India’s start-ups are looking to tackle online FMCG, but whether they will be able to create the necessary infrastructure to compete with these personal corner shops is yet to be seen.

Traditional trade still dominates in India


More men are buying into the personal care market – in the US it’s seen 15% growth in five years. Problem is, unlike women, men don’t read beauty magazines or trade personal care tips with their friends: brands need to hook guys in with topics they want to talk about. So, when Kiehl’s wanted to introduce a line of anti-shine products for men, they turned to Night Agency who literally went out of this world to sell the product – shooting a video of the product 23 miles in space. Thus gaining the range exposure on Wired, Gizmo etc. and bringing it to the intended audience.


Originally launched and then discontinued in 2005, Aquafina’s FlavorSplash is back with a bang. Radically redesigned by Pearlfisher, the range now promotes appetite appeal through vibrant, fruity colourways – leaving the Aquafina name to take a back seat. Will this move be enough to bring success this time around?

Water revolutionary design


UK supermarkets have fallen victim to pranksters in the wine aisle – replacing self-serious taste notes with tongue-in-cheek alternatives. And no one even noticed! Check out the responsible party’s website for more pictures.

What wine-up merchants!


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