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It’s the week that saw Pom Wonderful granted the chance to sue Coca-Cola over misleading product claims and the world awash with World Cup marketing. All this and more in the news…


This week the Supreme Court ruled that Pom Wonderful can sue Coca-Cola for misleading pack messaging on Minute Maid “Enhanced Pomegranate Blueberry Flavoured 100% Juice”. On the design, Pom Wonderful assert the trendy antioxidants ‘pomegranate’ and ‘blueberry’ are given undue emphasis, leaving other ingredients (which actually make up 99.4% of the juice) for back-of-pack.

A mouthful of a name, just not of pomegranate or blueberry


In a world first, an aroma-tagged photo was sent between Paris and New York this week. Requiring a two-part system, the oSnap app can label images with olfactory notes and send them to an oPhone device, adding flourish to a message the same way you would an emoticon. Currently the portfolio is limited to 32 scents, which can be blended into 30,000 combinations. It’s an interesting development that could have an impact on future mobile advertising.

The oPhone emits concentrated essences (and looks a lot like an Apple dock)


The World Cup kick off has brought with it a host of Brasil-themed brand promotions, campaigns and packaging – some good, some less so. We think one brand getting it right is Tsingtao with this pack designed to connect consumers with the spirit, passion, dream and celebration of both football and the Tsingtao beer.

Tsingtao hit the back of the net with this design


Check out these minimalist movie posters and see if you can guess the film represented. But the work, by Spanish design firm Atipo, isn’t designed to advertise any films, instead to showcase different paper stocks and manipulation processes.

Sink your teeth into the challenge


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