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Tesco, Twitter and (small) talk, all in this wek’s News Bulletin


Every little tweet helps
Every tweet helps

Tesco have been crowned the most ‘socially devoted’ brand in the UK, according to the findings of a recent study by social media analytics consultancy, Socialbakers. The supermarket giant, whose reputation was marred by horsemeat-gate, has been commended for its dedication to customer care through Twitter. As consumers increasingly use social networking platforms to interact with brands, Tesco have set an example worth following.


A pot of brands at the end of the rainbow

Blue, which colour psychologists say communicates professionalism and trust, is the colour choice for many technology and finance brands – HP, Facebook and Barclays, to name but a few. But, by adopting category colour codes, don’t brands sacrifice distinctiveness? How do you stand out from a crowd, when everyone around you is wearing the same outfit? This post questions the conformity of many brands, and hails the boldness of those that choose not to follow the rules.


Saying what
Why don’t you just say what’s really on your mind?

Small Talk Vineyards‘ mission is to ‘expose the dramatic gap between what you say… and what you think’ – and Brandever have done just that with their designs for the straight talking wine brand. The speech bubble front label is filled with all-to-familiar words of small talk and polite chit-chat. But, turn the bottle around, and the design reveals a more sinister side; a thought bubble label which reflects what people are really thinking. The designs – which incorporate distinct typography – are quirky, humorous and, in our opinion, definitely worth talking about!


It may not be pretty, but it
Expired: it may not be pretty, but it’s definitely innovative

Design consultancy Ideo encourage experimental deisgn through their ‘award-winning design innovation platform’, Design On. This year’s theme was Packaging Concepts and – with everything from a banana-inspired medication pack that ripens with age, to 4G cassettes – we’re surprised they didn’t rework the box from which they were thinking outside of.


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