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This week we look at Néstle’s Iron Man, count down America’s most patriotic brands and discover a surreal view of Hong Kong’s residential quarters.


“In the past, food was just food. We’re going in a new direction” says Ed Baetage, director of the Néstle Institute of Health Sciences, on the company’s latest endeavour, Iron Man. Using technology to tally a person’s unique nutrient profile – highlighting deficiencies or excesses of cholesterol, magnesium, vitamin and mineral levels – Iron Man can, in theory, offer supplements tailored to an individual’s health needs, and deliver this via a Nespresso-style powdered capsule.

Iron Man’s supplement capsules won’t come off the production line, instead offering bespoke vitamin levels for each consumer


It’s 4th July folks, and to celebrate Brand Keys has ranked the most patriotic brands in America. Over 4,600 consumers voted Jeep to top the list and others in the top ten include Levis, Ralph Lauren, Wrigley’s and Colgate. You can see more of the list here.

Star Wrangler-ed banner


This cute carton holds Blue Bottle Coffee’s new RTD iced coffee; designed by Pearlfisher, the format brings Blue Bottle out of the café environment and into FMCG. The structure has a powerful nostalgic element and does well to harness the brand’s distinctive personality in a saturated category, with potential to become an iconic equity for Blue Bottle’s take-home-grocery offer.

We want to get our hands on these diddy iced coffee cartons!


This series of photographs – titled Urban Barcode – finds hypnotising patterns in Hong Kong’s countless housing units, described by the artist as stacked together in an “anonymous mass”. We love the work’s surreal framing of an everyday context.

Manuel Irritier’s Urban Barcode series


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