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This week, we’ve seen Airbnb unveil its polarising new identity and Osborne Pike suggest the seven ways that coffee packaging can tell a story. All this and more in this week’s news bulletin…


This week Airbnb debuted a new brand identity, its first revolutionary design change since the brand was established in 2007. The work has divided us here at The Big Picture, as well as the online community. The symbolism behind the brand’s custom ‘Bélo’ marque is smart and looks great when applied to additional marketing material like key rings and window stickers. But when paired with a sans serif typeface in the lock-up, does it risk feeling too corporate for a business built around sharing personal space?

Airbnb – bright ‘n’ beautiful or boring ‘n’ business-y?


At the movies, we’re probably all too busy polishing off popcorn or supping Pepsi to pay much attention before the opening credits start to roll. However, this is prime branding time for Hollywood’s biggest production studios – think the MGM lion or 21st Century Fox’s fanfare. An article in The NY Times this week gives an insider’s view on the surprising narrative behind these familiar idents.


It’s commonly accepted that there are seven basic story plots, and that every tale ever told has one of the seven at its heart. And now, Osborne Pike has identified the seven stories told by coffee packaging: Origin, Fairtrade, Heritage & Craft, Community, Viva Italia, At your Service and Back to Black. We’re pleased to see Fairtrade represented – the Friele Barista pack illustrates how the right visual codes can cue an ethical product on- shelf. To find out more about communicating sustainability via pack, get in touch to see The Big Picture’s sustainability thinkpiece.

Photography showing provenance and a human connection is a key pack design theme to cue sustainability


Portuguese fashion brand Salsa has tapped into jean-lovers’ reluctance to clean their favourite denims, for fear of fading the wash or misshaping the perfect fit. Salsa’s answer is Fragrance Jeans, embedded with microcapsules releasing fruity fragrance over time, so wearers can smell fresh even if they forfeit cleanliness for fashion. We can’t decide if Fragrance Jeans are a sickly-sweet gimmick, or an innovative way to make sustainable fashion desirable.

Awash with fragrance


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