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In the news this week, debate continues around plain packaging and G’nosh gourmet dips fly off the shelves…


The plain packaging initiative has shown signs of extending beyond cigarette packaging to the food and drinks sector, but how far will plans for plain packs and health warnings stretch? Mars has shown concern, suggesting that introducing this initiative to FMCG could mean an increase of counterfeit products, hiding behind the same plain packaging as branded goods.

Mars believes plain packs would give nasty counterfeit products somewhere to hide


Once over, sales of Tang were soaring as the astronauts of 60s America took the powdered drink where few men had gone before. In the early 00s however the brand had crashed down, with sales at an all time low. Its comparative success in recent years is down to bold internal investment and savvy understanding of market trends – Tang is now available in single serve sachets, competing against water enhancer leader MiO, and its green credentials have been up-weighed.

Back with a Tang!


UK-based Mystery Limited has designed this tasty looking packaging for new dip brand G’nosh. After a hugely successful launch at London’s Selfridges (selling out the first week’s stock in two days) the range is now available all over the UK. Whilst we agree that the team has done well to disrupt the ‘endless shelves of hummous’, the design definitely taps into the farmer’s market trend with its hand-painted typography and chopping board composition. We’re wondering what the next design trend will be for gourmet produce?

G’not sure why there’s an apostrophe there?


Entries are now open for the 8th annual iPhone Photography Awards, and the 2014 winners have certainly shown the level of excellence you can achieve with phone/tablet cameras these days. The 2015 deadline closes in March, so you’ve got plenty of time to get snapping!

He certainly looks happy to be a winner


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