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This week we’re talking designer butter and cute cats and dogs. How can you resist?


The Fairtrade Foundation are celebrating their 20th anniversary and to mark the occasion have launched a new website, created by Radley Yeldar, hoping to boost consumer engagement with the charity. Here at The Big Picture, we’ve almost finished our sustainability thinkpiece, looking at the challenges of getting shoppers and consumers engaged with sustainability across Europe and the US. The thinkpiece identifies pack codes for communicating sustainability at shelf and how behavioural economics can help explain these challenges for FMCG.

Fairtrade’s powerful new site uses many of the strategies we’ve identified in our thinkpiece


Kerrygold have partnered with ‘queen of prints’ Orla Kiely for a limited edition pack across their range. Orla has teamed up with big brands before, such as Citroen and Method, but it’s unusual for FMCG food brands to launch ‘designer’ products. Why not let us know what you think by sending us a tweet?

Orla’s buttering us up with these new packs


Many US brands are opting for clear packs in the faith that people are more likely to buy something if they can see what they’re getting. Consumers have always said that they want to see the product inside the packaging, but the fact is this isn’t always the best plan– light can degrade, transit can squash, and sometimes the way food looks just doesn’t do it justice. Walkers are a great example of looking beyond what consumers say. They broke category codes, ditching the clear window for the foil pack, and the category has never looked back.

A window of opportunity?


We love this refreshing new look from Volvic. The newly transparent label allows the volcano to really pop, reinforcing refreshment and natural values.



British Airways won’t have needed to invest too much to discover that seeing videos of cute cats and dogs makes people happy. ‘Paws and relax‘ is the latest part of BA’s ‘slow range’ to engage and relax passengers during travel. Other options for passengers wanting to relax on a BA flight include unedited footage of a seven-hour train journey from Oslo to Bergen.

The world’s leading feline


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