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This week we look at the healthy snacks masquerading as junk food and how social media keeps heritage brands current. All this and more in our news bulletin.


In times of economic uncertainty, it’s not unusual for consumers to turn to brands with heritage: a banner of authenticity, longevity and thus trustworthiness. However, what is new is how heritage brands can harness trends in social media to capitalise on authenticity in a way that feels relevant today. Take for instance, Cinnamon Toast Crunch’s use of #TBT (Throwback Thursdays) to bring back happy childhood memories.

The trend for nostalgic throwbacks works in the favour of social media savvy heritage brands


Amidst news that retailers will remove the temptation of confectionary and junk food from check out aisles, Bolthouse Farms is approaching the issue from a different start point – asking, what if healthy snacks actually looked as desirable to kids as junk food does? Following on from the ‘Baby Carrots, Extreme’ campaign in 2010, Bolthouse Farms has launched ‘Baby Carrot ShakeDowns’, carrots that provide the same finger-licking experience of salty snacks. Giant Eagle, A&P and Walmart will all introduce in-store ‘snack stations’ as platforms for these healthy treats disguised as junk.

Eat ’em like junk food

If you’re interested in the relationship between food, health and nutrition, join us for our talk at Food Matters Live in November at London’s ExCel.


We’ve just finished our thinkpiece on the challenge for pack design in a digital, 2D world. Interestingly, Birds Eye has just refreshed the design of its range, with an increased focus on how the packaging performs when viewed on-screen. The new look is cleaner with a pared back logo, discarding the previous multi-coloured outline. Martin Francis, design director at JKR who produced the redesign, says the new design brings the brand to the fore, whilst allowing clear range architecture. Get in touch if you’d like to hear more on our thinkpiece.

Birds Eye view of the future


If you happen to find yourself in Singapore next month, BrandOpus are speaking at Spikes Asia on gender clichés in brand messaging. For more information on the conference, you can check their website. Is it time to kill off gender clichés? What do you think?

BrandOpus at Spikes Asia – you’re invited


Here’s the answer to last week’s Name That Brand. Why not give us a shout if you know the answer to this one?

And then, if you fancy the challenge, play the full game right here.