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What do Bolt, Bale and Farah have in common (besides the obvious)? Find out in this week’s News Bulletin…


Sainsbury’s set the gold (medal) standard in engaging consumers

A few months back, we blogged about the impending Marketing Week Engage awards, and my does time fly – as the ceremony took place this week. Sainsbury’s are Overall Winners, commended for their ‘brave’ efforts in sponsoring the Paralympic Games, and initiatives such as their ‘Live Well for Less’ campaign. Tellingly, Kantar Media’s most recent supermarket share data figures indicate that the grocery retailer is the only one of the ‘big four’ to increase its share in recent months. As they say, the proof is in the (Taste the Difference?) pudding.


Branson and Bolt do the
Where’s your hot air balloon Richard?

What do Usain Bolt, Gareth Bale and Mo Farah have in common (other than being great sportsmen, obviously)? Think of the Bolt ‘bolt’, the Bale heart and the Farah Mo-bot – are these the first sportsmen with ‘brand icons’? This article suggests brands could learn a thing or two from this recent phenomenon.


Distilling information through inforgraphics
Distilling infomation through inforgraphics

This series of packs by Russian design agency Otvet Design demonstrate how infographics can be used to distil on-pack product ingredient lists, creating clear and striking visual device, whilst communicating functional information. But, what really stands out about these packs is their ability to transcend language barriers through the use of symbolism. You don’t need to speak Russian to understand that this jar of tomatoes is made up of 75% tomato, 21% oil and, er, is that 4% leaf?


The Singleton Sensorium: taking you on a sensorial journey
The Singleton Sensorium: taking you on a sensorial journey

The people behind the ‘world’s first multi-sensory’ pop-up bar – which opened in London earlier this year – are inviting willing participants to take part in a multi-sensory experiment into ‘the effect of environment on the taste of whisky’. Participants are invited to watch three short videos online and, whilst doing so, sip a glass of whisky – before answering some short questions. Well, it is in the name of research – so who are we to say no?


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