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What makes one thing cool, and the next thing not cool? All we know is this week we’re calling BrewDog’s new look, IKEA’s parody ad and the return of pumpkin flavoured everything ‘very cool’!


Success of one brand or design is often thanks to its target audience labelling it ‘cool’, but what makes one brand or design cool and not another? Through an experimental method, behavioural scientists have distilled the science of cool down to four key traits; social perception, relativity, universal positivity and divergence from the norm. You can read more about these traits here.

What makes one bottle design cooler than the next?


Like it or not, we are creeping past summer and into autumn but on the plus side, that also means pumpkin season! Brands are falling over themselves to launch pumpkin flavoured special editions – a trend which can be attributed to the cult-like following of the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, which has 90,725 followers on Twitter!

Happy days!


From humble beginnings in a UK garage, BrewDog now distributes globally and has branded bars in major cities across the world – the time had come for a new look to reflect this success. The new design bolsters the dog as an icon for the brand, and the letterpress typography treatment keeps it grounded in craft roots. We’ve just finished our thinkpiece which looks at the design codes of craft, if you’re interested to hear about it then get in touch.

Crafted by hand


Apple parodies are done a lot, but we think IKEA has nailed it here. Just in time for the hotly anticipated Apple announcement next week, IKEA reminds me us that sometimes being old school is best.


Here’s the answer to last week’s Name That Brand. Why not give us a shout if you know the answer to this one?

And then, if you fancy the challenge, play the full game right here.