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It’s a food-stuffed news bulletin for you this week as we cover Pop-Tarts, muesli and black burgers! If that whet your appetite then have a read…


The Millennial generation has charactised a shift in consumer priorities: less likely to spend money on luxury, status goods and more likely to spend on fresh, organic food, new adventures and socially responsible brands with which they can connect. So it’s hardly surprising that today this generation is turning its back on big banks. A massive 71% of Millennials would rather go to the dentist than listen to anything their bank has to say, and 33% believe in five years time they won’t need a bank at all.

Millennials believe they won’t need a bank in the future


Even as Millennials invest more in fresh, organic produce there’s one brand that’s defying food trends and thriving whilst its competition fall by the wayside. Sales of Pop-Tarts have gone up every year for the last 32 with sales reaching $800 million last year. At a staggering 30% sugar, there’s little to explain the brand’s success in a category so obsessed with healthy, all-natural goods. In a rare marketing feat, it seems Pop-Tarts appeal to young and old alike.

Spot the odd one out…


This packaging for Aus-based customisable muesli, Yousli, is about as lovely as it gets. Its raw substrate and accompanying smiley face graphic communicate the healthy and sustainable positioning of ‘feel good food’. Its packaging at point-of-delivery at home is a masterclass in harnessing the second moment of truth – who could not feel good seeing these happy little faces? If you’d like to learn more about the potential of the second moment of truth, then get in touch.

Spreading feel good vibes


It may look like a piece of modern art, but this is in fact Burger King’s latest menu option for the Japanese market; blackened with bamboo charcoal, black peppers and squid ink. It’s not the first time Burger King has launched a black burger in Japan; diners have given similar options “favourable reception” in the past. We think we’ll pass…

Back in black


Here’s the answer to last week’s Name That Brand. Why not give us a shout if you know the answer to this one?


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