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This week we’ve got great packaging and tips on how to update brand identity, all in everyone’s favourite news bulletin…


Back in July we wrote about Airbnb’s rebrand and its polarised responses, illustrating how tricky updating brand identity can be. This week Clive Rohald, creative director at Siegel+Gale, writes for The Drum with six tips on how to make over brand identity without alienating consumers, and how research is vital in keeping brands alive.


In the last nine months, Miller Lite has already sold 32 million more cans than it did in 2013. This is no mean feat and has rescued the brand from a sales slump that had been sliding since 2009. This success can be attributed to a clever pack redesign and marketing strategy. Launching a limited edition of its original 1975 white can, with a tie-in to Anchorman 2 seems to have hit a sweet spot, appealing to Millennials (for its vintage cool) and older drinkers (nostalgic of the beer they used to drink) alike. Some customers even reported that the drink tasted better than before, suggesting that design expectation can become product experience.

Olds cool


Our in-house sustainability team came across ecostore this week, an eco-conscious brand from New Zealand whose products range from laundry and household cleaning to hair and skincare. Where many other natural household brands opt for packs that reassure on the scientific credentials, ecostore goes full-throttle on the emotive angle; with black and white family-album-style photography, reminding us that things in our home are worth protecting naturally.

An evocative eco-story


In the city of Chongqing, China a stretch of pavement has been created exclusively for the use of smartphone-focused pedestrians, to avoid unnecessary collisions. However, doubts are already creeping in over the practicality of such a solution – apparently many residents are still ignoring the rule.

Is China streets ahead with its ‘smart’ solution?


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