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This week Pepsi launched Pepsi True to rival Coke Life and Fair Trade Month kicked off in the US. All this and more in our weekly news bulletin…


Pepsi is looking to rival Coke Life with Pepsi True – a product with no artificial sweeteners and 30 percent less sugar than regular Pepsi. The brand will be launched exclusively on Amazon, before rolling out in US supermarkets. Although there are no certain plans for the off-trade launch to go global, PepsiCo hopes Amazon’s global reach will allow the company to gauge interest for the drink in other markets.

In design terms, we think Coca-Cola Life wins out


October is Fair Trade Month in the US and marks a very successful year for the association; in 2014, 455 new Fair Trade Certified products hit the shelves. Sustainable Brands commented on the growth, “increased availability of Fair Trade products empowers shoppers to choose items that make a positive influence”. Power also lies with the retailers, who could be doing more to make Fair Trade products visible to mainstream consumers in the US by removing the segregation of mainstream and organic/Fair Trade aisles in-store.

But remember – Fair Trade is for life, not just for October


As a grown-up, it’s not so acceptable to bring your Mr Potato Head to a party. So we’re pretty happy Hungry Sandwich Club has designed these beer bottles that come with a sheet of funny facial stickers. We’re not sure if these packs are better placed as a fun, new way to interact with friends over a drink, or to make drinking on your own less lonely!

This week’s Caption Competition winner: TBP’s Victoria Bryce-McIntosh


Today marks the passing of textile designer William Morris in 1896, whose beautiful work continues to influence a spectrum of design work to this day. But did you know he was also a widely appreciated poet? Happy Friday everyone!

William Morris’ wonderful work


Here’s the answer to last week’s Name That Brand. Why not give us a shout if you know the answer to this one?

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