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It’s the week that introduced Dewitos to the world and McVitie’s Penguin showed how great reactive marketing can be. These stories and more in this week’s news bulletin…


TV is dead. Or at least that’s the belief behind Coca-Cola’s radical marketing reshaping – where content streaming is king, and so new approaches are required to reach consumers who have full control over what they watch, and when. Coke’s European marketing director Javier Sanchez-Lamelas reveals the five ways brands can use content to disrupt strategy, here. The brand’s already dabbled in branded content, with a Maroon 5 24 hour live session.


PepsiCo – owners of both Doritos and Mountain Dew – has been sitting on the idea of ‘Dewitos’ for years now, and finally took the product out to college campuses for sample testing last week. The public’s response to Doritos-flavoured Mountain Dew has been mammoth; hitting over 10,000 tweets in the last 7 days. Although we aren’t sure how many of those comment are complimentary.



We’ve been featured in Marketing Week speaking on the topic of digital FMCG design, offering up several principles brands can follow to future-proof their pack design for the online retail channel. We’ll also be running a free webinar on the topic, November 24th 3-4pm GMT (10-11am EST). Follow this link to sign up.

The new face of FMCG?


As Under Consideration so rightly says, “Ben & Jerry’s is one of the most important things in the world, right up there with peace, democracy, and oxygen”. And the ice-cream brand’s packaging revamp is every bit as spot-on as the product inside. Pearlfisher has handled the change; ensuring the brand’s VBL still shines through in a range ever complicated by new flavour launches.


We’re loving this reactive ad from McVitie’s Penguin bars, who’s reaping the benefits of John Lewis’ Christmas spot – seeing sales soar 75% in the days following the premiere. If you don’t get the reference, check out John Lewis’ campaign here to appreciate McVitie’s quick thinking.

Unlike their real life counterparts, these Penguins have really taken flight


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